Skookum Resource Management is dedicated to helping landowners realize the benefits of their lands by offering solutions customized to meet landowner goals. Our clients are primarily small family landowners, land trusts & non-profits, and large timberland owners. While we work closely with financial values, we also help landowners account and manage for many others, including water quality, wildland fire resistance, carbon sequestration, climate change adaptation, wildlife habitat, recreation, and aesthetics.


Our comprehensive forest management services include forest planning, timber assessment, forest fuel reduction, harvest management, and silviculture.

Forest Planning

Our team is committed to helping landowners get the most from their timberland by offering tailor made forest management solutions customized to your specific needs regardless of stand size. We strive for a comprehensive approach to current and future planning to meet your goals. 

Timber Assessment

In addition to offering personalized timber cruising to assess the quality and quantity of your stand based on your goals, we also offer inventory cruises to forecast young stand health, stocking surveys to assess trees per acre for legal compliance and assessments to quantify value from fire or weather initiated loss.  From your customized cruise data, we can determine the merchantable volume to discuss your preferred next steps, if any.

Forest Fuels Reduction & Defensible Space


Post timber harvest, we will work with you to discuss stand establishment goals and variables in order to coordinate tree planting in compliance with applicable rules and regulations, budget and success indicators.  We will develop a customized plan to establish your stand from replanting to thinning recommendations for maximum growth and forest health.

Logging Management

As an agent of the landowner, we provide unbiased and transparent oversight of all aspects of the logging process including log marketing, contractor negotiations, road design, harvest design & management, and regulatory permitting.